Acoustic & Electric Glass Bottleneck Guitar Slides

ABOUT US and our Glass Bottleneck Guitar Slides

Bluemoon Bottleneck Company is a small family run company based in Ashington, Northumberland, England; one of the U.K.s Northern Counties on the English/Scottish Border. Ashington, a former coal mining town, is located in South East Northumberland 17 miles North of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Photographer and guitarist Mik Critchlow launched Bluemoon Bottleneck Company
at the Fourth International Guitar Festival, Customs House, South Shields in July 2003 which this year had a Slide/Blues guitar theme. Slides were well received by both the players and public alike and by the end of the festival Bluemoon Bottlenecks had received three endorsements from the main stage during the final concert.

A guitar player for over 35 years Mik has always been a keen slide player and when he couldn’t find a real glass bottleneck slide in guitar stores, he began to investigate making his own slides and explore the art of bottleneck making.

Traditional slide making techniques were tried and tested and over many years a method was devised to separate the bottleneck, from the body of the bottle, cleanly, consistently and accurately without using aggressive methods of separation that may alter the tonal structure or weaken the glass.

Using this technique Bluemooon Bottleneck Co. are now able to supply guitarists with a wider range of guitar slide styles and sizes ranging from ring slides to deluxe custom made guitar slides of the player’s choice. We produce some of the sweetest sounding, amazing looking guitar slides on the planet.

Bluemoon Bottleneck Slides are finely ground on wet-stone grinders, hand shaped by skilled craftsmen and finally, polished to a high standard of finish.

They feel really nice and they sound pretty amazing too!

Bluemoon Bottleneck Company has a showroom where a wide selection of slides are available to try in comfortable surroundings. We also offer a custom fitting service on a bespoke basis by appointment.

We look forward to being of service to you. In the meantime, browse our product range, and remember, they sound as good as they look.

Best Wishes
Bluemoon Bottleneck Company

Bluemoon Bottleneck Co Ltd.
Unit 2. Ashington Business Centre
Back Lintonville Terrace
NE63 9UN. UK

Tel: +44 (0)1670 858 888

email: [email protected]
web: www.bluemoonbottleneck.co.uk

Handmade in the UK by Bluemoon Bottleneck Company