Living space in London isn’t the biggest in the world, well unless money is no object.

With that said, there are some little tricks to make a room feel bigger, my favourite being mirrors.

Mirrors are one of the oldest interior designers tricks going to add more light and space into a room or even in the bathroom while you’re enjoying under your favorite dual shower head. I’m lucky enough to have a nice big old Victorian fireplace, perfect for getting a mantel mirror to hang above.

I always vouch for using local businesses so a quick Google search brought me to Overmantels in Battersea who specialise in high quality mirrors. They crafted me a beautiful, classic mantel mirror delivered right to my door, the mirror added real character to my living room, as well as making the room feel twice as big and the extra light flowing though the house, just in time with the lovely spring weather at the moment. My better half approved too which is always a bonus, now I’ve just got to convince her to get a TV mirrors as well as a new TV to go along with it…



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