graphic2Whether you’re an amateur designer or already a pro like the Graphic Design Agency, Bulldog when it comes to graphic design, here are some tips that will help better your work. Dig in and apply what you may have learned to your next master piece.

Colour Issues Should Be Mended

Graphic design may not be all about colours but the quality of them can either make or break a design. So it’s crucial to be thorough when it comes to your design’s colours. Increasing or decreasing the saturation of an image will help you see how rich you want the colours to be.

Consistency Is Vital

It’s not enough that the colours are great, other elements like fonts, logos, and images should be at their best as well. Ensuring this will help achieve visual recognition which is an essential part of every companies communication to the rest of the world.

Using Grids In Your Pictures Helps

This helps create a clean composition of photos in a graphic design. Moreover even without a design template, using grids are great when you want to come up with a nice layout for your designs.

Combine Light And Bold Fonts

Doing so will balance each other out in the overall design so that it doesn’t look so overwhelming or boring. Aside from that, mixing light and bold fonts are great when you want to emphasise a word or phrase which gives stronger impact to the message you want to get across.

Match Colors Within Your Design

Harmonising the colours in your graphic design doesn’t mean using different shades of a single colour strictly. This only means choosing hues that go well together so that your design stands out in a good way. Not in a way that it catches the eye because everything is just so mismatched and off.





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