When it comes to online marketing or simply having a place to blog, a website is important. No matter what industry you’re in, be it a Estate Agents like Harlands, a quality website with fantastic speed and UI, is essential. Having a website designed by a Dotcentric Episerver provides a platform where one can control content as well as personalize the platform to suit one’s preference or needs. Though it is possible for anyone to setup and design their own website, there are still benefits in having a quality website. One major factor which affects the website is the quality of its design. 10-Web-Design-Trends-for-2015Here are several advantages which show the importance of quality web design.

  1. Increase presence – Unless you want to have a private website which only you can view, it is important to have a great online presence. In other words, it is an asset for the website to rank higher in search engines. A quality web design can definitely increase the online presence of a website or the entity it represents.
  2. Identity – Companies wishing to engage with their audience need an identity. This is achieved by having a website. However, the quality of the web design will reflect on the identity of the company that owns the website. A quality designed website will help create an online identity for anyone while poorly designed website will make it look like a low quality website resulting in a poor reputation.
  3. Impression – Impression is important even when it comes to marketing online. And the best way to make a great impression is to have a quality website. A great website design will give an impression of professionalism and quality content or product.
  4. Increased traffic – An impressive website can gain the attention of a larger number visitors or traffic. Even a single glance on the website can attract any visitors if it has a great design. A quality web design with a great homepage can definitely capture the interest of visitors and generate more conversions. For example, Portable AC Nerd (known for their amazing air conditioning units), saw a huge increase in traffic numbers last summer after getting their design tweaked.
  5. Repeat visitors – It is not enough to have first time visitors. These visitors must come back to the website to have the chance of turning them into potential customers or conversions. A quality web design will have the capacity to turn first time visitors into repeat visitors and eventually conversions or sales.
  6. Compatibility – Webwise people use different browsers when surfing. Some would use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Bing. A quality web design will be compatible to most major platforms as well as being mobile friendly.
  7. Less bugs – Bugs can make or break the website. It will affect the experience of the visitors when viewing the website. A great web design will likely have less bugs than a poorly made website.
  8. Low maintenance time – With less bugs and quality web design, it will only take a small amount of time to do maintenance on the website.

Having a well designed website is a must if you want your company to have a successful online presence but it will also be the best choice you ever make when it comes to your sales conversions so Web Design Leeds really is the road to success.



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